Chatura Dinesh Halwatura became a professional artist during his professional career life. Chatura started painting in 2015 after viewing self-taught artists on online media and thinking he could do just as well, if not better. Chatura is thrilled to now be pursuing a full-time career as an artist. He formally opened his professional art business, CFineArts, in 2018.

He spends a lot of time in nature, watching it and later in the study finding a way to express what he had seen and what it felt like. Sometimes he does a lot of photographing and watches his surroundings very closely, almost always in mixed media techniques as these allow him to be completely free to express what he wants in a painting and not restrict himself too much to a certain technique.

Painting is a joy, I cannot think of a better way to spend solitary time. Thank you for taking the time to have a look at my work.

You can also purchase all my works securely with a return guarantee in my online shop.

What other things Chatura do?

Chatura is a professional product designer too. Feel free to visit his product design website at, https://expocncondemand.com/